When Abstraction Creates Freedom

The company was undergoing a major digital transformation that revolutionized the customer experience via a new mobile ecommerce application. Terazo was brought on to lead the project and find innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience without disrupting day-to-day business.​

The Challenge

To build a flexible application, the company selected MuleSoft as their Enterprise Service Bus. Following the MuleSoft-recommended methodology, three layers of abstraction were created: System, Process, and Experience. The System layer connected to the underlying e-commerce engine and other backend services. The Experience layer exposed APIs to the mobile app under development, and the Process layer enforced business logic between the two. The company needed assistance to develop the experience layer’s APIs in a scalable manner. ​

Our Approach

Terazo was engaged to design and build APIs to orchestrate back-end systems in a decoupled manner. We developed a collection of APIs, published to the mobile app dev team, that orchestrated the systems in such a way that any future digital user experience was decoupled from the back-end.

Technologies & Services Utilized

API Development/Publishing

API IntegrationDevOps

The Results

The platform solution Terazo developed successfully decoupled the client’s front end applications from their back end systems, enabling the flexibility going forward for the company to upgrade and change each without impacting the others. In addition, new opportunities were found to pull critical business logic previously only implemented in the legacy website front end into the API layers. This ensured that this business logic would be enforced for all experiences going forward.​