Richmond, Va. (February 3, 2021) – Terazo, a software and managed services firm based in Richmond, Va., announced today its collaboration with Twilio in developing innovative COVID vaccine outreach and delivery solutions. By leveraging patterns, tools, technology, and integrations already created, as well as customizing flows specific to the crisis at hand for distributing vaccines, the company hopes to make an impact in the rapid dissemination of the vaccines across municipalities and health systems.

Terazo’s work in this area will include a quick-launch, configurable COVID call center powered by Twilio Flex, patient prioritization, and registration solutions, omnichannel mass communications that automate health notices and availability and appointment coordination, all with an eye to scalability to reach millions of people across the globe as vaccines are distributed. Terazo, a Twilio Gold partner, will work closely with Twilio to ensure an effective and scalable roll-out of these solutions to benefit as many patients as possible.

“One of Terazo’s core values is to ‘Seek Meaningful Work,’” said Kim Thies, Vice President at Terazo. “In recognition of the crisis regarding distribution needs, we found an opportunity to deliver rapid-deployment solutions that will not only address the immediate demand but scale with the customer for future vaccine use and intersystem integrations. I’m extremely proud of the work our team is doing to save lives during this pandemic through our technical strengths and expertise.”

Terazo’s pre-built COVID prioritization and communications, developed using Twilio products and services, speed the time to production of the solution, all while optimizing future communications through automation. Terazo also provides Professional Services support to enhance municipal and health care development teams, expediting internal development initiatives already underway. As an API-first company, Terazo focuses on the integration of key systems and services including health and scheduling systems. This approach allows the business to support customers facing unprecedented demand for vaccination distribution solutions.

About Terazo

Terazo is a solutions-oriented, platform-centric software and managed services firm with offices in Richmond, Va., Durham, N.C., and Charlotte, N.C. offering integration and automation services that enable clients large and small to run more efficiently and realize new business value. The growing company, founded in 2016, supports mission-critical platforms, applications, and online services for customers in a wide variety of fields. For more information, visit For more information on Terazo’s suite of Twilio-enabled COVID vaccine distribution solutions, please email