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Join CEO Jeff Lawson as we explore what it means to become a digital first company. This hour will focus on how businesses can connect with their customers on any channel, empower their sales and service employees, and personalize any customer experience at scale.

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Webinar: "Three Trends Driving the Programmable Contact Center" Webinar

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White Paper: "Transform Your Contact Center by Moving Operations to the Cloud"

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Learn how Terazo helped a legacy logistics firm embark on a journey of digital transformation

Join Terazo and EFW for a joint session:

"Omnichannel Customer Delight in Logistics"


Thursday, October 21

8:30 AM PST

Miles Phillips - Terazo

Senior Director,
Twilio Partnership

Maddie Koerber - EFW

Senior Manager, 
IT Projects


- How digital transformation reduced costs and enhanced customer experiences 

- What a global logistics leader did to move quickly into programmable messaging 

- Why you should pivot to messaging the way your customers want 

- Where your agents can save time and energy – even as your sales grow

Learn & Experience:

"...I am excited that Twilio is delivering an array of sessions, speakers, and superclasses that are a cornucopia of talented minds that will help everyone (from developers to marketers) truly create rich journey experiences for external & internal customers alike."

- Gilberto Velasquez, 
Director of Partner Marketing

"...I'm always looking to stay on the leading edge in terms of best practices, new technologies, and strategies to keep our company at the forefront. While Twilio is certainly a developer-forward conference, there's plenty of content that's relevant to marketing teams – and other groups across your company."

- Trevor Dickerson, 
Senior Manager, Marketing


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What you'll get:

"I'm interested to learn the decision making process they went through, especially in choosing a CDP over a CRM as well as looking forward to seeing new trends in making the best use of Customer Data Platforms such as Segment as they relate to increased consumer choice across communication channels."

- Chris Busse, Chief Digital Officer