Accelerating a healthcare startup’s business growth by building an integrated platform

Accelerating a healthcare startup’s business growth by building an integrated platform

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The Background

Terazo worked with a growing startup specializing in bringing operational efficiency to the back-office operations of healthcare providers to bring more stability to the company’s internal processes and increase efficiency through the migration of the company’s systems to newer and more reliable technology platforms.

medical professional holding clipboard

The Challenge

Terazo sought to bring operational efficiencies and automation to a growing company with complex needs through a calculated migration to the cloud and the creation of a scalable platform that standardized processes, streamlined data access, and improved security.

Our Approach

Following a thorough assessment of the business’s existing systems, Terazo began migrating the company’s query processing system to AWS Elastic Search. The existing platform was running off Docker Swarm, and a configuration error was causing the query to run much more often than needed, posing the risk of bringing the entire production environment down. Elastic Search mitigated these risks and helped bring stability to this critical platform.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Strategic Consulting

Data Engineering

User Interaction and Quality Assurance Testing

The Results

Terazo delivered an integrated platform that creates a scalable foundation for future projects and reduces reliance on the legacy system, helping realize significant cost savings and a more cohesive experience for all stakeholders, while improving security, standardization of processes, and data access across the company and with external partners.

Key Outcomes

  • Offload of disaggregated data trapped in old data models to a new document-based system of record that is tightly integrated and shared by all processes.
  • Gradual reduction in costs with a staggered migration from the existing iSeries AS/400 system to a scalable, cloud-based system of record that allows for more efficient frontend processing of client application requests and provides a foundation on which future projects can be built.
  • Creation of a notification service that updates stakeholders with the status of tickets in real time and allows workers to make better-informed decisions that improve company-wide efficiency.
  • More robust, built-in oAuth security layer for granular, fine-tuned access control to critical systems and processes.
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