Datadog + Terazo

Terazo + Datadog: Take Platform Monitoring Further

Build rich dashboards and make sense of your data with Terazo and Datadog.

The critical and sensitive components that make up your company’s backbone are as complex as they are mission-critical. That’s why Terazo’s reliability engineering solutions, supported by Datadog, are focused on simplifying these essential processes, keeping them running, and ensuring their security.

One Platform. Endless Monitoring Possibilities.

Take Your Monitoring Further

  • Proactively monitor critical systems to ensure uptime and optimal performance
  • Utilize business logic and application metrics to predict trends and forecast scaling needs
  • Leverage performance data from actual users in order to accelerate software delivery and reduce technical debt

Optimize Your Data

  • Adapt, evolve, and pivot continuously to ensure optimal system performance
  • Manage issue escalation and support services and answer questions from stakeholders
  • Enjoy happier end users and, subsequently, higher platform adoption rates

Track Business Metrics

  • Tie key performance indicators to desired business outcomes
  • Enable testing, security, compliance, and automation early in the development process
  • Provide higher efficiency, reduce time to market, and provide a high quality product at a low price point

Featured Case Study: Stabilizing Operations & Enabling Business Growth Through New Technologies

Learn how Terazo brought operational efficiencies and automation to a growing company with complex needs through a calculated migration to the cloud and the creation of a scalable platform that standardized processes, streamlined data access, and improved security.

Medical Data Analysis

Ensuring A Positive Customer Experience For A Healthcare Provider Through Observability Monitoring and DevOps

A multi-state healthcare provider operating in nineteen states desired to proactively discover and resolve errors that arose in its deployment of a Twilio Flex programmable call center.

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Twilio Flex Cloud Contact Center

Stabilizing Operations & Enabling Business
Growth Through New Technologies

A specialty credit lender wanted to modernize their method of generating financial reports for automotive business partners.

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