Integration and automation solutions tailored to healthcare and life sciences

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major digital transformation as emerging technologies revolutionize the patient experience. Today’s leading companies are actively assessing their path forward in this new reality.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing diagnosis, treatments, monitoring of patients and even drug discovery. The Internet of Things is yielding advances in medicine from treatment and monitoring through implantable devices to diagnosis through IoMT. DIY diagnostics are revolutionizing care in rural and urban areas alike, and access to 24/7 health coaching and diagnostics are here.

How will your company ensure scalability, agility, and elasticity of critical platforms to meet the unknown data and software needs of tomorrow? Terazo has the solutions you need to grow and innovate at an unprecedented pace in an unprecedented time.

Terazo Digital Transformers

Improve lives and patient outcomes through the marriage of healthcare and emerging technologies

At Terazo, one of our core values is to “Seek Meaningful Work.” In doing so, our vision is to impact countless lives by applying our technologies to solve the world’s biggest challenges in fighting disease, treating patients quickly, finding cures and vaccines, and encouraging good health behaviors. 

We help our clients harness the power of data and applications to rapidly scale research and operations. With scalable data models and platforms that are customized to each company’s unique technical architecture, analysts and researchers can access key data across systems, whether the data resides in legacy systems, in a SaaS cloud, or anywhere in between. Through our deep understanding of industry regulations and audit requirements, our process optimization solutions and architectural agility can automate processes, reducing opportunities for human error, overhead, and rework while increasing auditability of point-in-time data status and transactions. 

Use data to drive a healthcare revolution

Your focus on Value-based outcomes for your patients and employees requires a shift from “Big Data” initiatives that boil the ocean to drilling into meaningful data by specialty need that will have immediate impact on targeted populations. 

Our Data Engineering practice will help you to reduce costs to compute, increase analytics power and enhance process capabilities. We love to help our clients to: 

Terazo Data Scientists

Put Analytics Into Action

  • Build analytic and machine learning processors using microservice pattern for operational use

Create & Maintain Data Pipelines

  • Bring together multiple big data technologies for greater insights 
  • Guide technology and frameworks selection to create solutions that fit with the business needs and enable innovation in business processes 

Clean & Wrangle Data

  • Take messy and unrefined source data and turn it into something useful 
  • Parse and clean data so it is usable, yielding greater analytics and data visualization opportunities
Terazo Developers

Innovation starts with the right software platform

Terazo loves to help your clients create applications, services and platforms that allow your company’s best and brightest to move from a reactive state to focusing on innovating for the future of digital healthcare. Our proven approach starts with a simple prototype that lays the foundation for a scalable, elastic platform that grows and evolves with your technology portfolio. Let us help you take your software development, architecture and security programs to the next level by: 

Developing API-First Software Platforms

  • Create developer-focused solution that breeds innovation through use of API-first platforms
  • The framework allows and expects ever changing processes; changes are not only rapidly deployed, but well documented for audit.
  • Current versions of the software remains in production while new versions with improved functionality are available and tested in parallel.
  • Integration and automation of diverse systems across your environment (cloud, hybrid, on prem) 

Increasing The Effectiveness of Developers

  • Establish best practices for your software development team, or leverage our established team to build and support your custom software 

DevOps is the next revolution in health technology

We’re here to help your company accelerate delivery of integrated systems and software development through integration, automation, collaboration, and rapid, iterative improvement.

DevOps isn’t just a buzz word. As evidenced by the revolution in financial technology in recent years, DevOps can allow the healthcare companies of today future-proof by transitioning to an Agile, technology agnostic platform that grows and evolves with you. Say goodbye to waiting for months for releases of integrators or APIs by engaging Terazo to teach and/or assist you with rapid migration, automation and management of your technical environments. 

Terazo Business Drivers

Deliver at the Speed of Agile

  • Automated software build and testing; deployment and operations as part of your system/product development 
  • Backlog clearance support 

Cloud & Migration Ready

  • Apply DevOps platforms and principles to your hybrid cloud environment 
  • Clean promotion of your existing technologies to a well-structured, scalable cloud infrastructure 

Automate Existing Platforms

  • Platform automation
  • SaaS platform automation
  • Web hook automation 

Employ CI/CD As A Service

  • Containerization improves resource optimization and scalability; utilize fewer VMs yet enable surge volume support through a multi-tenant architecture
  • Security – Adds security and compliance because…
  • Scalability – Auto scaling
  • Portability – Deploy anywhere once it’s in a container
  • Alleviate installation support for delivered software 

Case Study

A FTSE 1000 global pharmaceutical company recognized the need to be able to bring innovation in-house. For over a decade, the company had relied on the technology advice of vendors to shape digital strategy at a business unit level. ​


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