We understand the importance of delivering positive outcomes to patients and all others in the healthcare and life sciences realm.

Our strategic approach to automation and integration utilizes leading-edge technologies to help organizations adopt more efficient processes into critical areas of their business.

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Improve lives and patient outcomes through the marriage of healthcare and technology.

At Terazo, one of our core values is to “Seek Meaningful Work.” In doing so, our vision is to impact countless lives by applying our technologies to solve the world’s biggest challenges in fighting disease, treating patients quickly, finding cures and vaccines, and encouraging good health behaviors.

We help our clients harness the power of data and applications to scale research and operations rapidly. With scalable data models and customized platforms tailored to each company’s unique technical architecture, analysts and researchers can access critical data across systems, whether the data resides in legacy systems, in a SaaS cloud, or anywhere in between. Through our deep understanding of industry regulations and audit requirements, our process optimization solutions and architectural agility can automate processes, reducing opportunities for human error, overhead, and rework while increasing the audibility of point-in-time data status and transactions.

Put Analytics Into Action

  • Build analytic and machine learning processors using microservice patterns for operational use
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Create & Maintain Data Pipelines

  • Bring together multiple big data technologies for better insights
  • Guide technology and frameworks selection to create solutions that fit with the business needs and enable innovation in business processes
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Ingest, Process, & Analyze Data

  • Take messy and unrefined source data and turn it into something useful
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