Platform Operations

Platform Operations

Terazo continuously supports system, infrastructure, and cloud operations.

Terazo’s customer engagement platforms integrate the products, systems, and processes for more efficient and impactful human engagement.

Terazo Platform Services deliver Continuous Improvement

A company only succeeds when infrastructure and IT capabilities align with enterprise value streams. Terazo’s Platform Services studies the requirements of platform users to inform and continuously improve the capabilities and interfaces of each clients’ platform environment. Our teams are responsible for the interfaces (i.e., GUI, CLI, and API) and user experiences for the services and capabilities that platforms enable so our clients can rest assured that critical business processes can endure.

Platform Engineering

DevOps & CI/CD

Increase customer satisfaction through seamless platforms that works across popular channels and mediums, including SMS, Chats, WhatsApp, and more…
Utilize natural-sounding AI chatbots to help sort and organize tickets and connect customers to the right agent or resources
Shorten the ticketing lifecycle and help customers find resolutions to their issues quickly and efficiently

Platform Operations

Application & Platform Monitoring

Broaden your contact center with digital channels, allowing agents to serve customers more efficiently
Reduce the number of disparate systems your agents use
Decrease average handle time while increasing customer and agent satisfaction

Use Cases

Platform Operations Clients

How a leading logistics company increased shipments while reducing call volume

employee driving forklift in warehouse

How Twilio Flex helped a real estate startup ensure future scalability

Primestreet Case Study

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