Terazo Takes LaunchDarkly Users Further, Faster

Terazo Takes LaunchDarkly Users Further, Faster

As builders of modern platforms that scale, Terazo is thrilled to partner with LaunchDarkly, which gives developers the power to build their best software. We have embedded with developer teams as we build modern platforms and could not be more excited about the beneficial impact LaunchDarkly’s use brings. Both Terazo and LaunchDarkly are passionate about modernization, experimentation, and DevOps maturity, three outcomes that drive innovation for our collective clients. LaunchDarkly unlocks risk-free releases, feature feedback loops, and optimized development — all capabilities that allow developers to spend less time managing development and more time doing it.  

Terazo helps amplify LaunchDarkly’s capabilities by speeding the adoption of LaunchDarkly across enterprise development teams. While LaunchDarkly as a product delivers development efficiency, Terazo’s engagement with development teams focuses on team coordination, change management, and overall member experience.

Overcoming Barriers to Enterprise Adoption

Products and services each hold a unique connotation in the software space. While technology products can focus on delivered features, technology services focus on molding behaviors and the processes that drive outcomes from products. Terazo’s solution for LaunchDarkly clients, Velocity, is designed to drive these outcomes. With Velocity defined as Speed+ Direction, the speed comes from LaunchDarkly, and Terazo sets the direction that will drive behaviors, processes, and execution frameworks that will deliver outcomes.  

What Does Velocity Bring to the Developer Teams?

Velocity adapts native LaunchDarkly capabilities for an even better, faster return. It features four main benefits:

  1. Customized onboarding process: Full hands-to-keyboard LaunchDarkly setup. Includes rapid deployment through automation, alongside hands-on user experience check-ins.
  2. Best practice POV: Direct guidance for creating projects, managing internal permissions, and general product team enablement. A “do this, not that” approach that reviews workflows, naming conventions, and custom roles.
  3. DevOps maturity: Adoption model that delivers SLDC guidance, automates change management frameworks and fully integrates with a client’s existing tech stack. Quickly enables new process adoption across a workforce and prevents conflicts between development teams.
  4. Platform services: Ongoing, hands-on support for feature flagging, experimentation, and targeting. It also considers downstream impacts for flags and release pacing.

Various custom solutions also play well within the Velocity environment. These features can include experimentation frameworks, user segments, KPIs, and a rollout strategy to avoid pitfalls that might damage the customer experience. You can also set up targeting management to streamline targeting through LaunchDarkly for revenue operations from tiered customer models. Custom dashboards help with data visualization, BI tool integration, and reporting to technical and non-technical project contributors.

Who is an Ideal Velocity Prospect?

Integrating any new software program can feel like a delicate balance between onboarding speed and risk mitigation. We created Velocity to accomplish both goals: accelerate program adoption to improve the customer experience while reducing risk. Velocity was made for a complex API environment, where multiple integrations, dependencies, and automated data transfer channels must be preserved.

Here are a few other use cases where Velocity excels:

  • Environments where experimentation is on the roadmap
  • Feature builds need to go faster than development teams can deliver
  • Development teams need a higher degree of hand-holding

We’re excited to demonstrate these capabilities first-hand at LaunchDarkly’s RKO ’24. We’d love to discuss ways your organization can improve the LaunchDarkly onboarding process or how to improve any aspect of your internal data collection, analysis, or reporting stages.

We’ll see you in San Francisco @LaunchDarkly. 

Torie Flood

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