Transform Your Customer-Facing Contact Center in 10 Business Days

Transform Your Customer-Facing Contact Center in 10 Business Days

Cloud-based contact centers are the modern standard for customer outreach. They’ve grown 94% in six years, and help companies improve agent productivity, integrate data, and decrease costs compared to legacy solutions. 

The benefits of a cloud-based contact center are well-documented. However, this form of customer contact can also come with a powerful downside: long implementation times. With competing priorities like business operations and product development, many companies struggle to plan for and build a modern cloud contact center that delivers customers’ desired multi-channel communications. 

To solve the challenge of implementing better customer outreach without compromising productivity, one organization found a partner that made all the difference.

Overcoming Challenges in Call Center Outreach

The Contingent supports children and families navigating the foster care experience. As the central hub for setting up and managing foster families across numerous states, they needed modern stakeholder communications that looked local, but could expand nationwide.  While not only recruiting new foster families, they also work to empower fostered youth through mentorship, education, and better access to opportunities with leading employers. 

This venture non-profit empowers leaders and community members to address one of society’s biggest challenges. but they faced a challenge of their own when it came to upgrading their customer outreach strategy. Their communication partners, responsible for important outreach and fundraising efforts, were experiencing long call lines and poor call quality. Agents couldn’t sustain high-quality calls, which frustrated callers and compromised not only contact center productivity but also critical funding sources.

As The Contingent began scaling their outreach across the country, they knew they needed a contact center solution that could scale with them. They considered several solutions and were impressed by Twilio’s global reputation for flexible communication solutions and its commitment to a seamless communication experience. The Contingent chose Twilio’s Flex solution as their digital engagement center of choice.

With a new digital engagement partner in Twilio Flex, The Contingent looked for ways to reduce onboarding times and get their teams started on the solution faster. To help, Twilio introduced them to Terazo. As Twilio’s most experienced Flex implementation partner, Terazo had proven its ability to stand customers up fast!

From Implementation to Use in Two Weeks

The Contingent chose Twilio Flex to help manage their communication infrastructure. Their outreach team also appreciated Twilio’s tools and APIs that make external communication even more effective. 

To overhaul their communication infrastructure, they chose Twilio Flex. To accelerate Twilio Flex onboarding and reduce agent downtime, they chose Terazo.

The Terazo team provided valuable guidance as The Contingent worked through technical issues common with any onboarding process. Terazo also helped The Contingent improve internal communication workflows and familiarize agents with critical features in the Twilio Flex system. 

This collaboration between Twilio, Terazo, and The Contingent created powerful results. The Contingent improved efficiency 30% behind the Flex solution when compared with legacy communication systems. They also avoided weeks, even months, of potential downtime during onboarding with Terazo’s own suite of API tools.

From purchase to use, Terazo helped The Contingent onboard Twilio Flex in 10 business days.  The average time for Twilio Flex customers to self-build with Flex is months, but the right partner got the Contingent up in two weeks, all while preventing the Contingent from diverting their development resources to the effort. 

Take Flex Further with a Terazo Flex Kickstarter

Strong communication makes a world of difference in customers’ eyes. However implementing a contact center that enables this communication is often a time-consuming, labor-intensive effort. In your journey to unlock faster, more productive customer outreach, the right implementation partner can make all the difference. 

Terazo’s Kickstarter solution can have Twilio Flex up and running in a matter of days for your organization. Each Kickstarter is a feature bundle that shapes Twilio Flex around your business objectives and the people who help you achieve them.

Terazo is the implementation partner of choice for leading organizations onboarding Twilio Flex. We have years of experience customizing Flex for tailored Twilio innovation and have done implementations across Healthcare, Logistics, Retailers, Franchisers, and more. We employ more Flex-certified engineers than any SI partner in North America to ensure your organization receives the help you need in customizing, onboarding, and using Twilio Flex to transform business.

The Contingent isn’t the first client to see faster Twilio Flex integration through a Kickstarter solution, and they won’t be the last. We moved real estate disruptor PrimeStreet to Twilio Flex and built a mini-CRM overlay to help them better manage customer contact records. We implemented Twilio Flex at Maryland 211 to connect nearly 600,000 state citizens with 24/7 mental health support during the height of the pandemic. We helped T Bank integrate Twilio Flex to unlock new revenue streams and achieve a 50% faster time to market.

What could your organization achieve with a similar setup? We’d love to help you find out. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members today to discover just how much time, money, and energy a Terazo Flex Kickstarter can save your company.

Torie Flood

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