Building a seamless customer communications platform using Twilio Conversations

Building a seamless customer communications platform using Twilio Conversations

elderly woman washing dishes in kitchen

The Background

Terazo helped a senior care placement services startup build a scalable, omnichannel communications platform that served as an MVP to fuel future growth.

elderly woman washing dishes in kitchen

The Challenge

A growing startup sought to build a custom content management system (CRM) from the ground up. The software was to be packaged and sold to senior living facilities to help facilitate their inbound and outbound communications from those seeking senior housing for themselves or loved ones across voice, email, text, and other channels. The platform had complex routing requirements due to the various facilities and types of callers.

Our Approach

Terazo began building the tailor-made platform by integrating Twilio Conversations, which uses a custom API to apply business logic and determine where to route calls and other communications, making orchestration seamless and masking local phone numbers. Utilizing a microservices architecture, the system operated and reacted asynchronously to log activity, maintain and update a singular record for any given customer on the platforms they chose to communicate on, and kept logs and records organized and easily accessible by all back office stakeholders.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Omnichannel Communications Platform Development

Automation & Integration Services

Twilio Conversations

The Results

The resulting platform Terazo developed served as a minimum viable product and proof of concept for the company, built upon a solid foundation to enable future growth, easy scalability, and integration of new features and software components. The engagement also served as a unique use case that pushed the envelope in terms of the capabilities of the Twilio Conversations product and API.

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