Terazo enables modern customer experiences for personal services companies.

Modern customer engagement, such as online scheduling, SMS notifications, cloud-based call routing, and more, enable our clients to provide the best services.

Completed Projects

  • Built a natural language chatbot for shipment tracking and appointment scheduling
  • Created SMS-based real-time shipment updates and notifications
  • Improved applicant retention through SMS engagement during the hiring process in fast casual dining
  • Enabled local call rollover to franchise headquarters when local offices cannot answer
  • Enabled real-time synchronization of shipment records with external vendor systems through webhooks

Integrate, Automate, and Modernize

Level up with integrated systems that modernize the customer service process
Allow for multi-channel customer engagement that integrates critical systems

Use Data to Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Make more informed decisions through better data points
Allocate resources more wisely with real-time services tracking
Increase efficiency and see the big picture with integrated dashboards and reporting systems

Delight vendors, customers, and your workforce through automation and integration of your customer service operations

What if you could transform your internal processes to increase efficiency, shorten delivery times, and better allocate your resources? Let Terazo’s experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers level up your business to improve your KPIs and meet increasingly rigorous requirements for personal services firms.

Use Cases


Increasing a burger chain’s recruiting success through the use of Twilio SMS & SendGrid

Cheeseburger and french fries on plate

Helping a pet waste disposal service scale using Twilio Flex

dog with ball in field

What future do you envision for your business?

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