Developing Secure, Compliant, and Reliable Customer Service Platforms using Twilio Flex

The COVID-19 pandemic required a test certification and proctoring company to adapt from in-person interactions to a secure video communications environment with its customers. Terazo was engaged to develop a solution using Twilio Flex to fulfill these unique demands.

The Challenge

A global proctoring company needed to rapidly switch from an onsite test administration model to online video proctoring with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their existing video program was not scalable, frequently crashed, and only supported 1:1 testing. The client needed an innovative solution that was secure, compliant, and provided a seamless user experience for customers who rely upon certification tests in healthcare, real estate, technology, and other industries.

Our Approach

Terazo met with the client and determined Twilio would support the expansion of a remote proctoring platform. As a trusted Twilio partner, Terazo could provide strategic guidance on the deployment of Twilio’s suite of products and gain full advantage of Twilio’s services. Terazo deployed Twilio’s services to develop a path forward to create a scalable, secure, and compliant system that could transition the existing in-person experience to the cloud.

It was determined that Twilio’s flagship programmable contact center, Twilio Flex, would serve the best analogous experience between the client’s physical testing centers and a cloud-based platform. A solution built on Twilio Flex would provide the client with customer insight, omnichannel communications, and a full customer view in one simple, easy-to-navigate interface.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Strategic Consulting, Twilio Development, Video Management, User Interaction and Quality Assurance Testing

The Results

Terazo was able to create a virtual experience on par with the in-person testing experience test takers and employees alike were familiar with, while ensuring the same rigorous security standards and reliability afforded by the offline model.

Through the implementation of Twilio’s Flex and other products, Terazo was able to carefully consider the end-to-end experience of each user, thus ensuring a quality, reliable product that could be rapidly iterated upon and scaled globally. Through examination of the interactions between proctor and test taker, existing intake and security protocols were replicated step-by-step leveraging Twilio’s system developer kits for TaskRouter and Flex.

Terazo’s solution enabled the secure capture of video, chat and voice; multitasking between multiple customers and proctors; intelligent task routing; issue escalation based on prioritization of business cases or workload; granular analytics and instant scalability of resources depending on demand. The client was provided with a robust, empowering solution that enabled their business to continue and thrive through a difficult transition period.