Modernizing The Business Flow and Report Generation Process

A specialty credit lender wanted to modernize their method of generating financial reports for automotive business partners.

Terazo was brought in to cultivate best development practices while guiding and assisting the development of a migration strategy for an automated system that employed cloud-native microservices.

The Challenge

The client, a specialty lender with several billion dollars in assets, provides financing for credit consumers in all 50 states, including some of the largest automotive retail groups in the U.S. The company’s manual production of custom financial reports entailed complex worksheets that had grown increasingly unmanageable. Inefficiencies in the process were preventing their business from scaling, causing the company to lose out on opportunities to maximize the loans and capital they could offer.

Terazo was asked to help decompose and translate the manual report-generation process and its many complicated formulas, and to develop a scalable automated solution that adhered to multifaceted state and federal regulations.

Our Approach

The Terazo team began with a rapid, yet extensive business discovery process. The process lasted a few days and allowed the technical team to investigate and gain understanding of the business rules, decisioning, and workflow that guided the creation of the financial reports. After decomposing the worksheets and mapping out data delivery, Terazo provided recommendations for an architecture and tools that leverage Serverless AWS Cloud Services, including Lambda and Step Functions.

Working in close concert with a distributed team, Terazo coached the client toward leveling up their development practices in areas such as Agile delivery, quality assurance, and security practices involving personally identifiable information. While concurrently fine-tuning delivery processes, the Terazo team provided guidance and delivery to the company’s dev team through the development of an automated end-to-end report generating solution.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Business process discovery, strategy, architecture and API development

AWS Technology Stack

The Results

The client’s partnership with Terazo empowered the company to take important steps toward capturing value previously left on the table. After successfully transitioning to cloud-native microservices and producing a robust proof of concept, the client was able to accelerate their plan for production and adapt their future development strategies to the changing needs of their dynamic business.

Key outcomes included:

  • A comprehensive foundation that provided immediate business value by maximizing the capital that the company could offer credit consumers.
  • Discovery, remediation and optimization of inconsistencies and overcomplicated calculations that were streamlined for performance.
  • Production of a data-abstraction layer that maximized flexibility and scalability through our API-first approach.
  • An automated data ingestion pipeline that improved data quality and reliability.
  • The implementation of best practices and Agile delivery that unleashed the ability for a new team of developers to achieve a rapid pace of development and enhanced communication for their distributed team.