Simplification & Rapid Growth Through Platform Unification

Real estate disruptor PrimeStreet sought a way to create a unified platform to manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish and to manage the relationship in one place, despite what communication channels the customer chose to use as part of their interactions with the company’s affiliated real estate agents.

The Challenge

PrimeStreet, a new division of Dominion Enterprises, is disrupting the traditional residential real estate model by matching Realtors with transaction-ready consumers who have a high probability of purchasing a home. The company sought to better manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish in a channel-agnostic way. Whether the conversation started via email and continued via text, or began over the phone and ended via Facebook Messenger, the experience would be seamless. PrimeStreet also wanted to learn from the feedback they received during testing of this platform to learn valuable lessons and propel the business forward. Terazo was already engaged with Dominion Enterprises to implement Kafka, so building a new platform with lessons learned from this work was a natural next step.

Our Approach

Terazo’s approach centered around creating an API-first platform that supported data science-driven customer experiences. We carried forth PrimeStreet’s vision and created a core platform central to their business, helped bring it to market, and subsequently supported it from a managed services aspect. The core of the entire business became a platform in and of itself—not just a process.

Technologies & Services Utilized

API Development/Publishing

API Integration | DevOps

The Results

PrimeStreet already had a successful business model matching Realtors with motivated buyers using proven methodologies, but executed in a unique way.

Our new platform helped the company build on this model and scale quickly. With it in place, the company could test concepts quickly, learn from feedback and implement changes in rapid succession, and grow and expand into new markets with ease.

Through the use of data streaming and DevOps, the new platform Terazo delivered gave the company a unified view of the customer lifecycle no matter the customer’s chosen channel at any given touchpoint in the relationship. The platform was also set up with a solid foundation to support potential future growth areas including machine learning and AI.