The Background

A rapidly growing, on-demand pet waste scooping and disposal service, sought a platform-based solution to keep up with customer inquiries for its on-demand services across 80+ franchises in what is a highly competitive field.

dog with ball in field

The Challenge

Understanding Terazo’s competence in building out platforms that enable growth and reduce pain points during a time of rapid scaling, the company approached the team to develop a routing system to enable agents to respond to potential customers’ inquiries faster. They sought to increase conversion rates and establish best practices while giving individual franchise owners the freedom to customize the lead ingestion process to fit their individual needs.

Our Approach

Terazo built a custom app to wrap Twilio Flex, allowing automated responses to customer inquiries and routing each to the nearest geographically located franchise. As a business that skews mobile, it was important that employees out in the field could respond using a mobile-first Flex interface and ingest leads from its website, Facebook Messenger, and Yelp. This interface integrated with the corporate office, allowing management to run detailed reports on time to respond, conversion, and abandonment rates to increase operational insights. Twilio Frontline was then built atop this system to foster meaningful customer interactions.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Contact Center Transformation

Customer Engagement Platform Development

Twilio Flex Ingegration

Twilio Frontline Integration

Facebook Messenger​ Integration

The Results

By building out an automated platform using Twilio products, the company increased conversion rates and decreased abandonment using a three-question survey presented to the prospective customer, thereby increasing revenue and giving the franchisee back valuable time to grow the business.