Helping a specialty insurer increase customer satisfaction through Twilio integration

Helping a specialty insurer increase customer satisfaction through Twilio integration

Specialty Insurer Case Study

The Background

When a global risk management provider looked to overhaul their internal systems to give customers real-time updates about their insurance claims, Terazo was brought in to rebuild their internal platform, in turn increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction rates.

Specialty Insurer Case Study

The Challenge

A global provider of risk management products and solutions that focuses on specialty insurance in the property, casualty, and device protection segments approached Terazo to improve their customer insurance claims process. Using Twilio to serve real-time updates on insurance claims processes, what documentation was needed, and when payments would be received provided a better customer experience from start to finish.

Our Approach

Terazo utilized the Twilio platform to build out a system that handled insurance claim ticketing and guided each customer through the process as soon as a phone call is made to report loss, injury, or damage. Twilio automatically determined whether the dial-in number used was a mobile line and, if so, sent instant updates to any SMS-capable device. Thanks to Twilio’s rich feature set, Terazo was able to deeply integrate with the client’s internal claims processing systems to track record changes and trigger updates to the customer on their claim status from start to finish.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Twilio Integration

Twilio SMS

Custom Development

The Results

The solution connected a variety of disparate systems to deliver a seamless end-user experience for the client’s customers across its product lines. By using Twilio SMS, the company was able to meet customers where they are using a delivery method that ensures a 98% open rate. This increased the accuracy of claim information throughout the process and created a sense of order and control for the customer during a typical stressful time.

Team Terazo

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