How a leading logistics company increased shipments while reducing call volume

How a leading logistics company increased shipments while reducing call volume

employee driving forklift in warehouse

The Background

One of the nation’s largest logistics providers sought to remain competitive and meet increasingly stringent vendor requirements and ended up reinvigorating itself through automation of legacy processes.

employee driving forklift in warehouse

The Challenge

One of the nation’s leading logistics and shipping companies faced headwinds from retail stores as their shipping requirements and shipping volumes increased, necessitating an API to service this new business and these new standards. Additionally, end customers were increasingly contacting the company’s call center making repetitive inquiries into things such as the status of their shipments.

Our Approach

Terazo worked with the company to meet and exceed retailer requirements through an integrated, API-based shipment tracking system that provided insights at every point in the shipping lifecycle. Once this system was deployed, Terazo utilized Twilio SMS and Natural Language Processing to integrate with the shipping system and send out SMS status updates to customers as to the progress of their packages. Customers were also able to set up delivery appointments using Natural Language Processing intelligence. The entire system could also be white labeled for big box retailers.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Automation & Integration

Application Modernization

Custom API Development

Natural Language Processing

The Results

By automating repetitive, legacy processes and integrating disparate systems, Terazo was able to help the company reduce inbound call volume to customer service agents by 22% at a time when shipments increased by 18%, and reduce operational costs. In addition, the engagement set the stage for future scale and success and allowed the company to win new business, such as return shipment processing for a major nationwide retailer.

Team Terazo

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