Team Terazo Spotlight: Max Deuber and Daniel Maier

Team Terazo Spotlight: Max Deuber and Daniel Maier

Terazo employee spotlight with Max Deuber and Daniel Maier

Based in Berlin, Germany, c20y is an international firm with developers and engineers hailing from Germany, the Czech Republic, Nepal, and India. c20y is considered among the first to implement Twilio Flex in continental Europe and has been key to implementing Flex customer contact center in the business sector, as well as for a prominent university and an international relief organization.

This fall, Terazo acquired C20Y to grow its reach and expertise. Our profile this month features the two founders of c20y, Max Deuber and Daniel Maier.

The initial idea of implementing a customer contact center using Twilio Flex came when Max and Daniel Maier, along with several engineers, were working for the same firm in Germany, in 2018. Both believed that Twilio’s approach to the customer contact center was going to revolutionize the industry. After Twilio asked to include them on additional customer calls, they realized they needed a proper company to continue this work, and c20y was born.

Max Deuber

Product Manager

Max began his career working in the U.S. for the energy industry as a marketing-focused business consultant. His interests turned towards the start-up ecosystem in Berlin, working as a generalist in a very hands-on role for sales and operations. His duties were driven by phone work to keep these interests funded and going. His interest in developing contact centers led him to provide consulting and professional services using Twilio Flex.

Max brings the customer engagement side to c20y. Max’s work involves not only handling product sales but consulting with clients to determine the best customer experiences. He believes implementing Twilio Flex revolves around, “very customer-focused, process-driven product management.” As a product manager, he leads a large team of UI/UX specialists working closely with engineers. He believes that by having a strong interest in (digital) customer experiences, [ideas and concepts] fall into place. “You don’t really see [these things] as work, but it’s something that is actually kind of fun.”

Max’s personal interests include running, gym workouts, and especially sailing. A licensed skipper, Max enjoys sailing, sometimes with large groups of friends and family, in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

One of C20Y’s most important clients that Max enjoys discussing is their quick work developing a contact center for an international relief organization connected to the refugee crisis in Ukraine and parts of Poland. For many refugees, the only contact method is by phone. Via the relief organization’s contact center, vital information and financial assistance can be disbursed to displaced persons. By using Twilio Flex, this important work has a direct impact on providing aid for thousands of people.

Daniel Maier

Managing Director

Daniel Maier started his career in a very different direction from c20y’s mission. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he desired to work for a venture capital company. Once landing an internship with a well-known venture capital firm in Berlin, Daniel’s interests changed to databases. He switched his college courses to operational roles in technology. Not long after that, he worked on his first startup, progressing to leading large teams, as well as working in sales and customer service.

What led to the creation of c20y was a series of challenges while Daniel and Max Deuber were working with a specific contact center platform that could not deliver what they wanted. They discovered Twilio, first as a beta product, and then they went on to become the first European firm to implement Twilio Flex. Finding the potential with Twilio, both Daniel and Max went on to found c20y as one of the premier Twilio contact center consulting and implementation specialists in the European market.

Since then, Daniel has been working to grow c20y not only from a sales perspective but from the technical, and operational side. His focus is on supporting customers to implement the right video, communications, customer contact, and other services clients need. He finds his most rewarding work comes from leading people, helping team members develop their skills, and watching them grow, not only from a technical perspective but also from improving customer contact. Such excellent relationships work well to create more work and broaden c20y’s role in future projects.

Daniel is looking forward to developing c20y’s partnership with Terazo. He sees Terazo and its core values—building great things together—in its potential for sharing knowledge and expanding on many different levels while bringing out the best in both companies.

Daniel’s interests include spending time with his family in southern Germany and traveling to different parts of the globe, including the Canary Islands, South Africa, and Morocco. His other passions include hiking, running, and water sports, including free diving.

One of the most important clients Daniel enjoys speaking about is one of the largest universities in Europe that incorporates remote teaching. c20y implemented a solution that integrates voice, chat, and WhatsApp, along with a backend solution to receive events from Salesforce via Twilio Flex.

We at Terazo welcome c20y and its amazing complement of leaders, engineers, and developers, to the greater Terazo team!

Team Terazo

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