When it comes to adapting to and fulfilling customer needs, it often comes down to having the right partner, with the right solution, at the right time. This is just one reason why strategic partnerships have been so central to our business and a key driver of our rapid growth.

Terazo’s largest and most critical partner over the lifetime of our company has been Twilio. Helping enterprise clients grow and win with Twilio’s suite of consumer-facing communications products has unlocked new business opportunities for our clients and fueled our own expansion.

When Twilio made its acquisition of toll-free messaging provider ZipWhip official in 2021, the company announced the service would sunset at the end of 2022, leaving many clients who relied on ZipWhip’s product lines in need of assistance with transition plans. These circumstances set the stage for Twilio to form a strategic partnership with SPLICE Software Inc., a customer engagement company specializing in automated communication workflows and opt-in management.

SPLICE’s focus on clients who need a straightforward two-way SMS product without a lot of customization, smaller companies, and users who may not need Terazo’s full-scale, customized, enterprise-centric solutions proved a perfect match. By partnering, both Terazo and SPLICE were able to support transition plans, and each was able to widen the apertures of their respective service ranges.

This partnership with a like-minded company allows customers and prospects to not only configure and personalize SPLICE solutions but to customize components like the integration points or even aspects of the workflow experience. For companies with less intricate needs who are seeking a productized or more off-the-shelf solution for customer communications requirements, SPLICE’s approach is a perfect fit. Furthermore, Terazo’s delivery team stands ready to assist clients who may need a more customized and scalable solution – a two-way stream of business that has already proved worthwhile for both companies.

At the end of the day, both Terazo and SPLICE are committed to finding the right solutions to each client’s needs and gaining an understanding of the best way to help move forward on their respective technology journeys.

This strategic alliance is a win for Terazo, SPLICE, our partner Twilio, and our shared customers. I’m so impressed with the work founder and CEO Tara Kelly and her team are doing in this space, and we’re delighted to partner with them to serve an even wider range of clientele together. When partners join forces, everyone wins.

Click here to read the full press release announcing Terazo and SPLICE’s partnership.