Three Common Data Problems and How Terazo Can Help

Three Common Data Problems and How Terazo Can Help

Common Data Problems And How Terazo Solves Them

These days, an increasing number of backend systems and software are interconnected and automated, offering a clearer picture of a business’s operations and processes than ever before. As such, there is intrinsic value in extracting and processing data from disparate platforms to gain new insights, increase productivity, and monitor critical infrastructure. Data ingestion and processing can unlock a whole new world of insights and can help organizations make smarter decisions, faster.

Perhaps you’re just starting out with data ingestion and processing, or maybe you’ve been struggling with how to take the first step. Wherever you are on your journey, we wanted to share three common customer scenarios we often encounter within Terazo’s data practice that we hope will help you push through potential roadblocks and remove obstacles in your path.

Problem 1: Leveraging cloud platforms for real-time data insights requires customization

Modern cloud providers have opened the world to a powerful set of tools for real-time data insights. To access this data, companies can turn to an established data platform to provide a framework so their teams do not have to start from scratch. However, there isn’t a single solution that fits every company, or even each business case, when it comes to leveraging the tools your company chooses and how you choose to integrate them. Although we know that real-time data gives a significant competitive advantage to those who can harness it, it’s often unclear how to reach that goal.

Our Approach: Terazo’s data engineering team’s mission is to enable proactive business decisions across a variety of industries and technology stacks. As a technology-agnostic engineering firm, we take the time to learn about your unique business challenges, identify data opportunities, and then deliver a solution that provides even greater value from your SaaS and PaaS investments to reach your business goals.

Problem 2: Integrating data solutions into a platform is notoriously difficult

Many of us have seen exciting (and often expensive) data projects that reached a proof of concept phase and then quietly disappeared. Other data projects may reach a production state, only for the business teams to find the data less meaningful than anticipated and/or technology teams find them unwieldy to use and maintain.

Our Approach: Terazo doesn’t just build data integrations and pipelines— we build solutions and platforms that scale with the speed and agility of your business demands. Our engineers are software experts who can help you connect your data and technology stack. Terazo engineers use their knowledge in DevOps, API development, and Agile to provide comprehensive, production-grade data solutions that empower your business to access data in meaningful and innovative ways across your enterprise. We offer best in class reliability, scalability and security by applying our proven best practices in automating infrastructure setup and configuration, frequent and fast demos of production-grade work, and utilizing test suites that demonstrate the power and reliability of our solutions.

Problem 3: Unclear ROI can stop a project before it begins

In the age of data warehouses and data lakes, many businesses have had the experience of investing heavily in centralizing data with the hope that magic will happen once the data is in one place. After a long development period, the project has an unclear ROI, the data is unwieldy and difficult to wrangle and minimal business impact is achieved.

Our Approach: At Terazo, we often begin engagements by delivering a simple prototype that adds immediate business value with a discrete set of data. Our prototype-first approach allows us to rapidly iterate, decreasing the required development time and centralization efforts while immediately empowering your business through new, real-time data insights. By focusing on how we can use data to solve discrete and real business problems while placing building blocks for a rapidly scalable data platform, we help our clients to deliver ROI at record speeds.

If the problems above sound familiar to you, Terazo is eager to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve greatest ROI from your SaaS and PaaS investments, integrate even the toughest data sources and systems they come from and deliver business ROI in record times Please feel welcome to reply in the comments or reach out to us at

Jackie Goldschmidt served as Terazo’s Data Engineering & Data Science Lead for several years and has since started a new chapter at a Richmond-area nonprofit. We thank Jackie for her dedication and service and for helping us architect our growing Data Practice.

Jackie Goldschmidt

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