About This Webinar

The first private company to send humans outside the stratosphere didn’t get where they are today without failing forward – hard. In this talk from Gremlin Solutions Architect Jacob Plicque and Terazo Software Engineer Finnegan Hu, we’ll examine SpaceX as a case study in how enterprises can embrace failure and unlock new value through observing, monitoring, and collecting data, gaining the confidence, in their case, to launch humans into space. You’ll learn how your business can lean into failure and adopt chaos engineering principles to propel your business to new heights.

What You’ll Learn

  • Using SpaceX’s journey as an example, you’ll learn to apply chaos engineering principles to view, understand, and learn from your data
  • Learn how, through exploration of your internal systems, you can build better, more robust, hardened platforms that stand up under even the harshest of conditions or most high-traffic scenarios.
  • Avoid costly downtime by planning for any scenario and stress testing your internal systems.
  • Shorten development, deployment, and migration cycles by identifying weak points in your system ahead of launch.
  • Build resilient products that customers love and deliver reliable experiences to end users.

About The Speakers

Jacob Plicque, Solutions Architect, Gremlin

Jacob is a Solutions Architect at Gremlin where he works on Chaos Engineering, the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. Jacob has worked on Chaos Engineering across a variety of industries including finance, e-commerce, airlines, retail, and insurance. Jacob is also the co-host of the Break Things on Purpose podcast, a series dedicated to sharing Chaos Engineering experiences. Jacob previously worked at Fanatics as a Senior SRE where he was responsible for providing a reliable e-commerce experience to process over 1100 orders a minute. He has in-depth experience providing a reliable service on peak days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Finnegan Hu, Site Reliability Engineer, Terazo

Finnegan is a Site Reliability Engineer at Terazo. He enjoys looking for the ‘unknown unknowns’ and how those can better help him provide resilient and reliable systems for customers.