Automating post-op patient calls using Twilio Studio Flow IVR

Automating post-op patient calls using Twilio Studio Flow IVR

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The Background

Facing an increasing daily number of manually-placed patient follow-up phone calls, a regional acute healthcare provider turned to Terazo and Twilio to automate and integrate post-op calls and procedures, in turn providing better patient care and saving employees countless hours of tedious, repetitive work.

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The Challenge

One of the largest acute healthcare providers in the Southeast (over 1,500 beds; 20,000 employees) faced an almost insurmountable number of daily post-op patient follow-up calls. The goal of these calls, all manually placed, is to check in with patients after discharge and ask specific questions about their recovery, if they had received their medications, and provide any special instructions for recovery care.

Our Approach

Using Twilio Studio Flow, Terazo built an intelligent custom IVR solution which ingested a CSV file, including information on each patient discharged, to Azure Blog Storage. The solution places outbound calls both one and four days after discharge. Using conditional logic to build a list of questions, patient responses to these “yes” or “no” questions are recorded and stored in a Cosmos DB database. Reports are generated showing both individual and aggregate data, allowing healthcare staff to prioritize their efforts when following up with patients.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Automation & Integration

Custom IVR Development

Twilio Studio Flow IVR

Azure Cosmos Database

Azure Blob Storage

The Results

By automating outbound patient calls, the healthcare system was able to 1) save multiple employees hours of manual phone calling each day, 2) gather insights from daily patient reports using the data collected from these post-op calls, and 3) increase efficiency among clinical staff by focusing their attention on patients who require additional follow-up while providing a higher level of patient care.

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