The Background

Built on Twilio Studio and Flex, Terazo built a custom and flexible customer contact, agent support, and servicing platform connected to ZenDesk, designed from the ground up for reliability and growth.

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The Challenge

The client, a national bank among the first in the nation to offer credit card services, designed its Bend platform, a credit-card-as-a-service, for its business customers. The new product would offer a branded credit card accessed through an IVR and mobile app while also providing top-notch account administration, customer support, and detailed reporting. This flexible and powerful solution was designed from the ground up to handle multiple clients, each with its own customer base.

Our Approach

Working with the customer’s internal team, Terazo was recommended by Twilio as the solution developer for the project. Guided by its extensive Agile project management experience, Terazo used Twilio Studio to deploy an IVR and utilized API development to customize Twilio Flex’s customer contact center for underwriting, compliance, and risk management services. The credit-card-as-a-service platform was designed to handle multiple clients with their own branded credit cards while connecting through the mobile app and voice. The solution was also connected to ZenDesk for issue tracking and service requests.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Twilio Flex

Twilio Studio

Customer Contact & Support

Bank Servicing & Reporting

 API Development

The Results

Terazo surprised the customer with its highly-tuned Agile delivery process, building a powerful solution designed for growth that can handle more customers and large clients.

Key Outcomes

  • Coordination with teams to provide excellent project management while meeting key delivery targets
  • Customization of Twilio products matched with API development and ZenDesk connectivity
  • Taking advantage of Twilio SuperNetwork to scale a large credit card servicing platform with multiple clients and a growing user base