Connect with Terazo at Twilio SKO 2024

Connect with Terazo at Twilio SKO 2024

As a sponsor of Twilio Sales Kick Off (SKO) 2024, we’re excited to join — and lead — meaningful conversations about the next generation of communication tools. We’re excited to engage with partners and sponsors and dialogue with potential partners about our unique Twilio product integrations. The fun lasts from January 30th to February 1st at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stop by Booth #1 in Hall D to preview our full suite of Twilio-integrated services. Connect directly with our engineering and executive teams for fast answers to your most pressing questions about Terazo’s capabilities.

What Will Terazo Cover at Twilio SKO ‘24?

We’re excited to offer a virtual learning center for Twilio SKO 2024. Our leadership team is prepared to help you spend less time gathering data and more time using it. Let’s explore a few of the topics we’ll discuss in just a few days.

VIDEO: Powering Twilio SMS with AI (5:34)

Speaker: Chris Busse, Chief Digital Officer & VP of Delivery

If you’re already speaking with clients about AI integration, you’re probably learning to weigh the possibilities with ongoing uncertainty. At Terazo, we believe that the possibilities AI can unlock far outweigh the fear, uncertainty, and doubt clients naturally experience when trusting any form of automation. It’s important to learn how to address these concerns head-on.

While many companies are considering AI, we have learned that it is so much easier to help them understand where they can go with it visually.  In this video, you will see an example of an AI work session that we recently ran with a Twilio SMS client in Healthcare.  Hear how we launched AI-powered SMS to speed their engagement compliantly.

VIDEO: Power Dialing with Twilio Comms (1:02)

Speaker: Miles Phillips, Senior Director, Twilio Partnership

Most clients know that our Power Dialer solution integrates natively with Twilio Flex. Fewer clients know that Terazo can also develop dialing solutions for customers for Twilio comms clients. Thanks to the power and flexibility that Twilio Voice offers, we can build and configure dialing that satisfies your client’s unique needs.

These projects are more technical, without some of the foundational components that Twilio Flex can offer.  However, it is possible to deliver dialing solutions without dependency on the Flex platform.

VIDEO: Learn If Your Client Needs an SI Partner (3:37)

Speaker: Torie Flood, Senior Director, Partner Sales Enablement

Over multiple years as a comms and Flex integrator, we have learned that the earlier a Twilio rep recognizes the need for an SI partner, the more likely the deal will close!  Learn the questions to ask to determine if your prospect needs a solution integration partner.  We take you through the way to figure out your client’s bandwidth for and expertise with development that enables Twilio platforms.  

VIDEO: When Flex is the Answer (3:38)

Speaker: Miles Phillips, Senior Director, Twilio Partnership

When we consider the compatibility of Flex with a client’s communication needs, we typically consider three factors:

  1. Project cost: What will our all-in expenses look like?
  2. Schedule and time to market: How soon must this project reach the marketplace?
  3. End goal: What does the client actually want to accomplish?

Learn about these factors and more as we help you determine where Flex can be the foundation for success vs. Comms.  

VIDEO: Easy Flex 2.0 Upgrades (10:19)

Speaker: Daniel Maier, Managing Director, Terazo Europe

Twilio Flex 1.X sunset dates are fast approaching. The latest version of Twilio Flex, UI 1.34, will end-of-life on June 30th, 2024. To continue delivering the best experience for your teams and customers, it’s time to begin planning for a full migration to Flex 2.0. We developed a Kickstarter to make your transition to Twilio Flex 2.0 seamless and efficient.

Terazo simplifies the upgrade process, meeting your specific needs from custom integrations to full-scale deployment support.  We’re offering a free initial assessment until 03/31/23 to provide you and your clients with the shortest possible roadmap to Flex 2.0 access and use.

VIDEO: Stand Up Flex in Weeks, Not Months (3:46)

Speaker: Torie Flood, Senior Director, Partner Sales Enablement

Learn about Terazo’s Flex Kickstarter, which can onboard a client to Flex in weeks, not months.  This productized service ensures that your client will have access to the best parts of Flex at a pre-determined price point and hands-on keyboard support.  

Make Time for Terazo at Twilio SKO 24

We’re excited to connect at Twilio SKO 24! Stop by Booth #1 in Hall D to learn more about upgrading to Flex 2.0, powering Twilio SMS with AI, and determining whether your client needs an SI partner. Stick around for drinks at Chica Bar on January 30th, and Top Golf on January 31st for more opportunities to connect with our leadership team.

We’ll see you in Las Vegas!

Torie Flood

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