Elevating Customer Contact: 3 Reasons to Pursue a Cloud-Based Call Center

Elevating Customer Contact: 3 Reasons to Pursue a Cloud-Based Call Center

Cloud-based contact centers are swiftly on the rise. The adoption of cloud technology in call centers increased 94% in just six years, adding the full flexibility of a cloud environment to customer outreach.

Compared to hardware-based contact centers, companies using the cloud are:

  • 83% more likely to effectively audit agent productivity.
  • 31% more likely to use data and analytics processing tools.
  • 27% more affordable than legacy solutions.

The right approach to communication makes all the difference in the eyes of your customers. Cloud flexibility, empowered employees, and world-class customer service are the only three obstacles between your company and fully monetizing your customer outreach.

1. Gain flexibility in the cloud

This is often the first step companies take to optimize their contact center. Migrating data and digital workflows to the cloud offers benefits in productivity and digital security. This move supports both inbound leads and outbound sales, serving customers throughout their journey — not just at the post-sales retention stage.

Modern business requires flexibility — and by their own admission, 50% of companies today say they’re not ready and able to pivot when business landscapes change. Having the agility to adapt to changing market environments, whether that’s in customer preferences or as a response to a global pandemic, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Introducing cloud technology into a legacy call center environment also allows companies to rethink their dependence on hardware. Call center agents are traditionally dependent on hardware. But in an industry with already tight margins, device loss, and recovery, can spell disaster for hardware-dependent call centers – making cloud contact centers that much more compelling.

Twilio Flex, a leading CPaaS solution, gives your organization full control over how you communicate. Call center agents can personalize messaging across every channel and manage relationships with each customer they contact. Terazo Kickstarters help you accelerate the Flex integration process, reducing onboarding timelines from months to days.

2. Empower agents to improve retention

No matter where a company stands in its technology maturity cycle, focusing on staff retention drives change. This means ensuring that all employees, whether sales representatives, call center agents, or internal project managers, are equipped with the tools they need to make a difference in their space. Employees who feel trusted and well-equipped for success are less likely to depart, conserving time, funding, and efficiency otherwise spent addressing turnover.

Engaging staff isn’t always an easy process, but it’s always important. Factors like non-flexible work arrangements and competing opportunities will understandably lead to turnover over time. However, most factors that directly lead to attrition are still directly under your control with a cloud contact center’s built-in flexibility.

Cloud-based call centers also benefit from interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which allow callers to access information without ever speaking with an agent. This means fewer agents can support more callers — reserving agent bandwidth for callers with pressing questions while automation handles the easy ones.

At Terazo, we work hard with our partners to build technology solutions that can engage agents and sales staff, helping them tailor user experiences for better productivity.  Our solutions integrate with numerous first- and third-party applications, directly translating to agent satisfaction.  

3. Differentiate with superior customer service

Today, more companies are beginning to use their contact centers as strategic value drivers, specifically for the purpose of outbound sales. That’s indicative of how we see customers using our lead scoring technology: not just to conserve costs as a back-office call center but to maximize top-line revenue.

Let’s reframe this point: cloud-based contact centers can drive revenue and be a tool to control costs. The goal remains the same – to transform customer service into a value driver using technology to engage prospects and customers. By reducing customer churn with great service, we can control costs. 

A Single Partner to Take Flex Further

Striving for the benefits that a cloud contact center provides is commendable. It empowers sales agents to offer superior customer service and improves customer retention. However, with multiple other priorities, it may be challenging to pursue these goals. The pressing deadlines, immediate action items, and other cloud priorities can make it difficult. In such cases, having a partner to help fast-track to Twilio Flex can be beneficial.

That’s where a Terazo Kickstarter can help. Terazo Kickstarters are feature bundles that shape Twilio Flex around your business priorities. They allow you to start using Flex in days, not months.

Connect with a Terazo at twilio@terazo.com to learn how quickly you can leverage the industry-leading communications platform, Twilio Flex, for your cloud-based contact center needs.  Or, click here to learn how to build a better, faster customer journey together.

Torie Flood

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