Terazo enables financial services clients to unlock unlimited possibilities for data, marketing, and communications use, cloud, platform, and security initiatives.

We help organizations build new tools, workflows, platforms, products, and services that increase performance and efficiency while adhering to best practices for security and regulatory compliance.

Let's Go

Terazo offers the toolsets, technologies, and expert knowledge to help financial services companies create extraordinary user experiences that foster trust and loyalty, built upon solid foundations as secure as they are innovative.

Our multi-disciplinary teams have a deep understanding of issues and opportunities present in financial services – together, we partner with you to build your future and deliver the results you need. With our API-Centric approach, you can feel confident that we are designing and building an enterprise strategy that is extensible, sustainable, and reliable.

Innovate Without Compromise

  • Leverage best-of-breed toolsets and technologies for connected and seamless customer experiences
  • Incubate innovation in data, cloud, servicing, and customer experience with Terazo teams built for speed and continuous inquiry
  • Incorporate bank-grade encryption and security directly within your code or platform
  • Keep pace with security best practices through our Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD methodologies

Set The Stage for Scalability

  • Create rapid prototypes to flesh out a proof of concept, increasing confidence in MVP development and go-to-market investment
  • Select the best toolsets to achieve your goals or optimize workflows within an existing architecture

Insure Audit & Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensure compliance through our ongoing knowledge of your regulatory environment
  • Implement best practices, security, and monitoring
  • Shift from reactive responses to proactive measures through our observability platform

Selected Case Studies

Terazo's Data Engineering Services Case StudiesFinancial ServicesSoftware EngineeringStrategic Consulting
May 1, 2020

Creating new business opportunities by modernizing a speciality credit lender’s report generation process

Specialty Credit Lender
Case StudiesFinancial ServicesSoftware EngineeringStrategic ConsultingTwilio Integration
February 21, 2022

Utilizing Twilio applications to bring intelligent call routing to a financial services company

Statewide 211 Call Center