Helping a utility software company build a proof of concept chatbot product

Helping a utility software company build a proof of concept chatbot product

powerlines over a green field

The Background

A not-for-profit software company empowering electric cooperatives throughout the US sought to build a proof-of-concept chatbot product that could be marketed to entities looking to make their customer service efforts nimbler.

powerlines over a green field

The Challenge

A not-for-profit software company specializing in products and services to help small electric cooperatives automate, integrate, and better serve their customers sought to build a proof-of-concept product that would allow these entities to move from resource-intensive call centers to intelligent online chatbots. With a working demo, the company planned to market this solution to decision makers at these local cooperatives for consideration.

Our Approach

Terazo utilized Twilio Conversations to build a custom chatbot, integrating Google Dialogue Flow to bring an artificial intelligence and natural language processing layer into the bot and apply machine learning to better understand customer inquiries. An instance of Twilio Taskrouter took command of the agent queue and properly prioritized incoming requests. Finally, an SMS layer was also integrated, allowing customers to initiate a touchpoint on their platform of choice and transfer to a live agent easily, if needed.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Custom Chatbot Development

Contact Center Transformation

Twilio TaskRouter

Twilio Conversations

The Results

While not deployed, a fully functioning demo was showcased at an industry tradeshow and received immense interest from potential buyers. The use case and setup was not only a first in the electric COOP industry but was also the first of its kind proof of concept that Twilio representatives had seen implemented.

Team Terazo

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