Helping an FTSE 1000 global pharmaceutical company boost internal platform usage

Helping an FTSE 1000 global pharmaceutical company boost internal platform usage

Pharmaceutical Company Case Study

The Background

A FTSE 1000 global pharmaceutical company recognized the need to be able to bring innovation in-house. For over a decade, the company had relied on the technology advice of vendors to shape digital strategy at a business unit level. ​

Terazo was retained by the enterprise to offer both strategic direction and “backlog acceleration” in concert with the company’s “design-led” approach.

Pharmaceutical Company Case Study

The Challenge

An FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company historically relied on outsourcing software development, which sometimes led to inconsistent outcomes. These outsourced efforts were often time-consuming and required the vendors to get up to speed with the company’s process and methodologies. Data was also spread between a number of disparate resources, systems, and platforms. These conclusions presented an opportunity for Terazo to integrate and automate processes and systems to improve efficiency and ensure great business outcomes. While the company brought on a newly-formed platforms team to lead digital transformation and empower builders to create new user experiences with UI frameworks, API libraries, and CI/CD toolchains, a centralized platform was needed to bring innovation in-house and boost adoption.

Our Approach

Terazo provided strategic guidance on the development of a modern, platform-based approach. Terazo helped the enterprise to create a unified platform that was a single-stop shop for all the resources developers need to build modern applications. These components were pre-vetted with risk and compliance. Terazo’s focus centered around API governance, publishing, and consumption, leveraging the Kong API Management Platform.

Technologies & Services Utilized

API Development/Publishing

API Integration


The Results

After the rollout, user adoption and interest in the platform have skyrocketed, both from employees wanting to have their digital resources published, and from those eager to start new projects using it. The platform is also fostering new business conversations and opening new doors for the company.

Trevor Dickerson

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