The Background

A private online university sought to bring remote learners and faculty closer together and build a more cohesive sense of community by building a proprietary, chat and interest-based online communications tool.

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The Challenge

A well-known, private online university sought to create an immersive, proprietary user interface that students and faculty could use to connect and easily communicate with one another, foster more efficient learning, and help all parties stay in contact with one another post-graduation.

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Our Approach

Terazo orchestrated an online platform using a completely custom instance of Twilio Conversations. With a Slack-like interface featuring ”channels” built around specific classes, the platform facilitates both short- and long-term communication between students and faculty within a given course. The platform was then expanded to include affinity- or interest-based groups based on geolocation, specific topics, hobbies, and other categorizations. The platform was also designed to allow for individual permissions and roles management by group or channel. 

As this was a completely custom implementation, Terazo wrote in-depth technical documentation outlining its operation and use.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Collaborative Online Communications Platform​

Automation & Integration Services

Twilio Conversations Integration​

The Results

The resulting platform has helped all stakeholders learn more collaboratively and has fostered a greater sense of community. It is also a critical component of the university’s long-term plans to move all learners and faculty to a larger, next-generation platform that will offer even greater collaboration and remote learning capabilities.