How Twilio Flex helped a real estate startup ensure future scalability

How Twilio Flex helped a real estate startup ensure future scalability

Primestreet Case Study

The Background

Real estate disruptor PrimeStreet sought a way to create a unified dashboard to manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish and to manage the relationship in one place, regardless of what channel customer chose to use as part of their interactions with the company’s agents.

Primestreet Case Study

The Challenge

PrimeStreet, a division of Dominion Enterprises, sought to better manage their customer lifecycle from start to finish in an omnichannel, platform-agnostic way. With an eye toward rapid growth, the company needed a way to scale their processes of matching real estate agents with transaction-ready consumers and keep a singular record no matter how a lead interacts, whether by text message, over the phone, or in Facebook Messenger.

Our Approach

Seeking to enable a more robust backend infrastructure, Terazo moved PrimeStreet to Twilio Flex and built a mini-CRM layer to manage customer contact records in the call center and an integrated workflow engine to orchestrate incoming calls and text messages and route them appropriately. This enabled agents to take advantage of an omnichannel communications strategy and text prospects before calling, thus increasing brand awareness, and boosting response rates. Information about the customer’s point in the lifecycle was then synced back to the CRM to inform the agent of key details about the lead on a hub-style dashboard or through the agent app.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Twilio Flex

API Development


Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The Results

The new platform gave PrimeStreet a unified view of the customer at any point in the lifecycle with the ability to add machine learning or AI layers to the platform in the future. Built on the rock-solid foundation of Twilio Flex, the platform also ensured the company can grow and scale its resources confidently and effortlessly without the risk of significant downtime.

Trevor Dickerson

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