Improving a fast casual chain’s customer service with Twilio Programmable IVR

Improving a fast casual chain’s customer service with Twilio Programmable IVR

Salad in bowl

The Background

A national fast casual salad chain sought to open access to siloed customer service-related data to automate and improve backchannel processes during a time of rapid growth.

Salad in bowl

The Challenge

A fast-growing, quick-service restaurant chain specializing in salads and other health-conscious fare sought to share traditionally siloed data from their customer service platforms in order to lighten the load on agents and provide more overall visibility into the company’s customer service efforts.

Our Approach

Utilizing Twilio Programmable Voice and Messaging, Terazo built out a custom platform using Studio IVR that took siloed data from across departments and placed it at agents’ fingertips to ensure better customer service and reduce their workloads. By connecting to Salesforce and the Kustomer CRM and syncing data to the IVR, the company was able to see any given customers’ previous interactions with the company and automate answers to repetitive customer queries such as operating hours for individual stores. The system also offered customers the option to transfer to a live agent in the event of a more complex inquiry. To keep information current, new store openings were auto-populated into the system using this connection, providing a seamless, fully-automated new-store onboarding process.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Third-Party API Integration

Twilio Studio IVR, Programmable Voice, & Programmable Messaging

The Results

By automating repetitive customer inquiries, the company was able to save time and resources and have a system that served as a single point of truth when it came to information about its stores, while at the same time improving the customer experience. And, with Studio IVR, the system will scale seamlessly as the company grows into the future.

Trevor Dickerson

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