The Background

Facing a hiring crisis during a labor shortage in a traditionally high-turnover industry, a growing nationwide burger brand turned to Terazo to integrate their hiring platforms with Twilio SMS & SendGrid to re-engage with applicants.

Cheeseburger and french fries on plate

The Challenge

A growing nationwide burger chain, like many restaurant groups in a pandemic-fueled labor shortage, sought a way to increase hiring success and re-engage with applicants who had abandoned the company’s hiring questionnaire, via SMS and email. The company also aimed to increase the ratio of new hires to applicants overall.

Our Approach

Terazo began the engagement by working with the company to collect data on which questions on the company’s job applications had the highest rate of abandonment on a restaurant-by-restaurant basis. Using this data, along with the re-engagement rate, Terazo was able to help the company fine-tune the application questions and retarget those who abandoned applications mid way through using SendGrid via email, and Twilio SMS for text message follow-ups. Additionally, Terazo integrated with internal recruiting platforms Taleo and Aventure to automatically populate data and reduce the bottleneck from recruiting to onboarding of new employees.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Third-Party API Integration

Platform Development

Twilio IVR, SMS, and SendGrid​

The Results

By integrating backchannel systems and connecting disconnected parts of the business, the company turned more applicants into employees and reduced its labor shortage. In addition, integrations with hiring platforms reduced onboarding times and helped reduce the workload of hiring managers, thereby helping the company reduce overall costs.