rvaTECH Talks Greg Patrick Terazo Market Technical Director The rvatech Talks podcast, which spotlights the stories of Richmond-area technology leaders, recently sat down with Terazo’s Richmond Market Technical Director Greg Patrick to talk though his storied career in government work, academia, consulting work, and finally, at Terazo. In the interview, Greg and host Ford Prior explore his career, what he loves about working at Terazo, and his personal experiences being an engineer of color, among other topics.

Greg is a Senior Computer Scientist with broad academic, technical, research, and leadership experience. His areas of expertise include Software Engineering and Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Information Assurance, and Mobile Computing. He spent over 4 years as a Master Software Engineer with Capital One and is has now been with Terazo for over 2 years where he recently moved into the role of Market Technical Director. Greg has developed graduate and undergraduate programs, curricula, and courses (online and in-seat), and has taught a wide variety of courses to students at all levels.