About This Roundtable

From firms shifting to CDPs to the democratization of data in the era of first-party-data governance – learn how Twilio + Terazo will help customers delight their customers by building your data engineering & integration future along new and exciting paths in this interactive roundtable. Join an interactive panel of Terazo and Twilio executives and team members to dive deeper on the biggest announcements and takeaways from Twilio SIGNAL 2021 and what they portend for the tech industry as we head into 2022!

What you’ll learn:

  • A panel of experts from Terazo and Twilio share their experiences and biggest takeaways from Twilio SIGNAL 2021 and what they mean for our industry going into 2022 and beyond
  • We break down the biggest announcements and discuss and new products and tools and how they’ll help drive automation and integration into the new year
  • Learn about Twilio communications products and how they pertain to your business

About The Speakers