Terazo + Twilio: Scaling Life-Saving 211 Services Using Twilio Flex

Terazo + Twilio: Scaling Life-Saving 211 Services Using Twilio Flex

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During the height of the pandemic, the volume of 211 calls at Maryland 211 was up by over 200%. In many localities across the country, dialing 2-1-1 connects callers with lifesaving local assistance for substance abuse, mental health, services for the elderly and the disabled, financial assistance, and health in multiple languages.

In this joint session from Twilio SIGNAL, Twilio’s annual flagship customer and developer conference, hear from leadership with United Way Metro Chicago and Maryland 211 on how they are scaling their services and integrating accessible channels to meet increased demand.

Learn how they worked with Gold systems integrator (SI) Partner, Terazo, to integrate many of Twilio’s powerful features, including intelligent call routing, multilingual language assistance, voice, and text-based services for critical community services. They’ll share how organizations of any size and tech capacity can work with a partner to do the same.

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