Webinar: Three Trends Driving The Programmable Contact Center

Webinar: Three Trends Driving The Programmable Contact Center

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About This Webinar

Build a Customer and Agent Experience Tailored to Your Company

Historically, contact centers have been served by a combination of proprietary hardware and numerous disparate software applications. The result? A brittle architecture impeding agile development, innovation and incurring high maintenance costs. The advent of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) has removed some of this pain but in a cookie-cutter way which limits functionality, customization and ultimately results. A Programmable Contact Center allows enterprises to uniquely tailor contact center capabilities to better serve customers, agents, and management teams.

In today’s contact center climate, it is imperative to stay ahead of customers’ ever changing expectations. With Twilio Flex’s programmability, you have complete control of every channel, interface, routing, workflow, etc. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a contact center as unique as your business.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn about:

    • Why companies are moving to a cloud-based contact center
    • Trends driving business leaders to invest in a modern day contact center
    • The impact a cloud contact center has on improving your customer’s digital experience

About The Speakers


Miles brings over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles spanning product management, development, IT management, marketing and sales – all of which allow him to bring a truly holistic approach to enhancing the customer experience; Miles leads Terazo’s partnership with Twilio where he helps guide customers through their digital transformation journey.


David Worley is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Twilio with a focus on the contact center. Having held similar roles at Vonage, NICE, and Interactive Intelligence/Genesys, David is passionate about the customer experience – making it both frictionless and fun – thus helping companies leverage CX as a way to retain – as well as obtain – new customers.


Chuck Lucot is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Twilio – Chuck combines his deep background in technical engineering with a robust & creative problem-solving skills set for enhancing the customer contact center experience.

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