Unifying 12,000 disparate state resources under one 211 system​

Unifying 12,000 disparate state resources under one 211 system​

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The Background

A Mid-Atlantic state with multitudes of state agencies and thousands of individual services spread geographically sought a way to tie them all together seamlessly using one universally available 211 and hotline system.

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The Challenge

A central phone-based resource for residents in a Mid-Atlantic state to access 12,000 publicly available services from crisis support to adult care placement, sought a way to streamline its service offerings and tie together call centers spread geographically with a single textable number. The state also needed a way to build a hotline to assist with inquiries into sensitive issues like suicide prevention, abuse, and mental health help, but lacked a technical staff or the systems architecture know-how to formulate a plan. 

Our Approach

Terazo set up an interactive text-based service using Twilio SMS allowing state residents to text 211 to interface with available services in one place. The automated system collected the texter’s ZIP code, provided immediate, life-saving assistance when necessary, and routed the texter to the desired services. While most inquiries came in using the text line, Terazo realized a portion of the population preferred traditional phone calls, and a hotline was set up to close the gap. The system also provided an automated call back to the individual weekly for the following month to ensure residents received the services needed and did not require additional critical services. 

Technologies & Services Utilized

Contact Center Transformation

Intelligent Call Routing

Twilio Studio

Twilio SMS

Twilio Voice

The Results

By providing a single number tying together disparate services and agencies, the platform allowed for a central call center to triage resident requests and provide quick – possibly life-saving – services, seamlessly.

Trevor Dickerson

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