The Background

One of the nation’s largest financial services companies sought a resolution to the deluge of voicemails brought on by a recent merger and creation of a visual tool to categorize and escalate them as they were received in real-time.

two female business professionals confering at workstation

The Challenge

In addition to massive new call volumes resulting from the merger, the company sought more metrics and backchannel analytics for visibility into whether or how calls were being followed up upon and to address retention-related challenges – both business problems the Terazo team is well versed in solving. The company also needed to set up logically-organized group mailboxes and routing protocols for the categorization of customer communications.

Our Approach

Utilizing Twilio Voice and other Twilio applications to route caller voicemails to the right office or agent, Terazo built an AWS-hosted custom API to connect all the backend pieces and take the company’s setup serverless – in the cloud. The resulting platform allowed greater oversight, allowed for the ability to transfer voicemails or set out of office options and set retention policies that fit the needs of the now-larger organization. An additional, inherent benefit of the new system was improved security through an added layer providing bank-grade encryption.

Technologies & Services Utilized

Contact Center Transformation

Intelligent Call Routing

Business Metrics & Analytics Reporting

Twilio Voice

TWiML Applications

Custom API Development

The Results

The new platform allowed greater visual insights for all call center agents and the company as a whole, providing the ability to better track customer requests and analyze outcomes. This setup also gave the company a better handle on calls and has helped the client to continue scaling without fear of inundation of customer requests in the future.