Mike Kirillin
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Mike Kirillin

Chief Operating Officer

About Mike Kirillin

Mike Kirillin is a connector at his core. Since beginning his career in technology sales nearly two decades ago, he has specialized in building and leading sales and delivery teams in the world of professional services and consulting.

He also has extensive experience assisting countless IT professionals in finding new roles. In doing so, he learned that his passion lies in being the connection point between people. Mike believes there is something tremendously gratifying about introducing individuals, teams, and organizations to one another in a strategic way that drives meaningful results.

He has had the privilege of leading exceptional teams, worked for entrepreneurs who allowed him to help drive and grow their businesses, and has had the chance to be a part of selling two companies. Mike thrives on helping clients solve real-world business problems and challenges and enjoys training and mentoring others.

As Terazo’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike utilizes these skills and experiences to help clients realize new operational efficiencies and drive meaningful, measurable business outcomes.

He is the proud father of three wonderful kids and has been married to his wife, Shelby, for over two decades. In his spare time, you can find him nerding out over the latest tech gadgets or tapping in a birdie putt out on the golf course.

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