Applying new technologies that drive better patient outcomes

Apply cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to solve the world’s biggest challenges, from fighting disease and developing new vaccines to treating patients faster and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Completed Projects

  • Created a comprehensive data catalog and self-provisioning data science stack for pharmaceutical research
  • Developed and deployed scalable APIs and microservices to support clinical study protocols and compliance reporting
  • Designed an IoT monitoring and alerting system for COVID-19 vaccine transportation refrigeration units
  • Implemented a self-service COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and scheduling system for patients
  • Developed an automated outbound IVR for post-op patient follow-up calls.
  • Built an SMS IVR system to support patient drug refills for rare disease treatments
  • Built out custom Alexa skills using Alexa Smart Properties for senior assisted living
  • Integrated Twilio Voice with emergency medical alert devices

Level Up The Patient Experience

Improve patient outcomes and make better business decisions with a more holistic view of your data, including customized dashboards
Improve wait times and help patients get the care they need with data pipelines that are as organized as they are secure and compliant

Use Data to Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Ingest, process, clean, and output data to make smarter decisions, faster
Connect disparate systems and build customized platforms tailored to your unique technical architecture
Scale research operations quickly and efficiently using proven methodologies and best practices

Enable better patient care and outcomes with a customized platform to fit your needs

The right technologies applied in the right way can make all the difference when it comes to getting care to those who need it most. Decrease wait times, enable better access to critical information, and run a more efficient business with a bespoke platform tailored to your organization.

Use Cases

HLS Clients

Accelerating a healthcare startup’s business growth by building an integrated platform

medical professional holding clipboard

How a healthcare company improved customer service by boosting observability

Medical Data Analysis

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