Mapping the Customer Lifecycle in the Era of First-Party Data

Mapping the Customer Lifecycle in the Era of First-Party Data

Imagine this:

Your company has most of the ingredients to scale business — lead generation, smooth internal operations, and a viable service or product suite that leaves customers satisfied.

It’s time to turn your attention to the customer journey. In an age where first-party data is the only game in town, growth comes from the ability to create a stellar customer experience for existing customers. It’s critical that companies conserve resources in re-establishing new client relationships, which will yield lower customer acquisition costs, lower customer churn, better reputation, and wider word of mouth.  

You need a way to effectively manage your company’s individual customer relationships, from beginning to end. No matter where customer outreach, retention, and winback take place, you need a way to track communications and encourage customer retention in all the right ways.

To better manage your customer lifecycle in an omnichannel, platform-agnostic way, our clients turn to Twilio Flex. As a Gartner Magic Quatrant CPaas leader, Twilio has a broad range of capabilities that enable programmable communications, conversational customer experiences, and omnichannel interactions.  Twilio Flex is the leading platform to customize and deliver these experiences. Flex will expedite your complete buyer process, nurturing prospects into customers and making “customer stickiness” a profitable reality.

According to Gartner:

“Twilio offers an expansive CPaaS platform in terms of breadth and depth of functionality. This includes programmable communications channels spanning basic and advanced messaging, voice, video, email, security and fraud management, CDP and contact center. Twilio delivers a rich developer ecosystem and support, including APIs, SDKs, documentation, training programs, code samples, tutorials, developer events, blogs and a developer evangelism team.”

There’s just one problem: you need a solution that elevates customer communications in days, not months. Waiting for your department, or your entire organization, to learn Twilio Flex will take more time than you can dedicate to education and then customization.  

Personalized Customer Outreach, Meet Tailored Innovation

Twilio Flex can deliver on the promise of a modern customer journey. However, the transition from your current customer communications tools to Flex can take up valuable education and implementation time.  That’s exactly why we created the Terazo Flex Kickstarter. Terazo can deliver Twilio Flex in weeks, not months, with rich feature enablement tools, best practices built-in, and a full year of assurance and updates.

As a top Twilio Flex integration partner, Terazo has years of experience customizing Flex for tailored Twilio innovation, and with more Flex-certified engineers than any SI partner in the US, we are experts! Our innovation strategy begins and ends with the needs of your customers and delivers on each promise Twilio Flex can make.Plus, we offer a customized innovation plan that takes you further, faster. The Terazo Kickstarter program drastically reduced our clients’ time to ROI from Twilio Flex.

Kickstart Twilio Flex Integration to Unlock Your Future Faster

Kickstarter from Terazo proves the value of Twilio Flex in weeks, without a months-long integration journey.

Here are a few of the features that help companies leveraging Twilio Flex unlock faster ROI:

  • Multi-channel Voice/SMS Workflows: Agents can seamlessly support customer communications across channels.
  • IVR configuration: Customers get a path to better, more effective self-service while improving agent-to-customer efficiency.
  • Single sign-on: Flex integrates seamlessly and securely for easy agent use on a daily basis.
  • Flex feature best practices: We deliver a rich feature set that has been proven to drive success on Flex.  With over 100 Flex integrations done, we know what functionality your team needs and will love.  
  • Flex Innovation Guidance: Gain more benefits from Flex with our guidance on how it can transform your business.  
  • 1 year of Updates and Assurance on Kickstarter Plug-ins

The above features deliver what today’s digitally-enabled customers expect — personalization. According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect businesses to deliver personalization, and 76% are frustrated with a generic experience. With reports like this, it’s critical to get a modern customer experience deployed as fast as possible.  Our Kickstarter delivers more quickly than a customer’s internal teams.  The chart below shows the average required time and level-of-effort to deliver Twilio Flex with a client’s internal team vs. a Terazo team.  

At Terazo, we’re all about the results. One of our clients, real estate disruptor PrimeStreet, needed to create a unified dashboard to manage their robust customer lifecycle. We moved them to Twilio Flex, built a mini-CRM layer to manage customer contact records in the call center, and created an integrated workflow engine to appropriately route incoming calls and text messages. We connected over 590,000 citizens with 24/7 mental health support via website, phone, text, or chat for Maryland 211.  We’re helping iconic midwestern financial institution T Bank unlock new revenue streams and achieve a 50% faster time to market.

Here’s perhaps the most important benefit to Terazo Kickstarter: your teams learn from the best in the integration space. Terazo teams learn and build at the same time, so that your organization is ready to go it alone in the future.

Connect with us at to take advantage of full customer lifecycle migration at scale, or reach out to learn how we can build a better customer journey together.

Torie Flood

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