Leading-edge technologies and automation help not-for-profits serve more people.

Utilize proven methodologies and toolsets that drive your mission forward.

Completed Projects

  • Implemented a self-service COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and scheduling system
  • Developed a web-based instant messaging platform for students and staff with a “Slack” like experience
  • Unified 12,000 state resources under a single 211 system for seamless access to services
  • Developed an interactive text-based service using Twilio SMS for residents to access services by texting 211
  • Enabled community members to schedule mental health checks with automated call check-ins
  • Integrated Twilio Flex and Segment for the Outpatient Care Coordination Program
  • Implemented SMS-based roadside assistance contact center

Integrate, Automate, & Modernize

Utilize proven methodologies and toolsets to make the most of valuable resources
Transform outdated call centers to improve rapport with supports and increase donations

Use Data to Make The Most Of your Resources

Get a holistic view of your data through integrated dashboards and make smarter decisions, faster
Ensure your efforts are directed at activities that produce the highest ROI and be a better steward of your organization’s limited resources

Delight donors, reduce call center wait times, and shepherd your organization toward a brighter tomorrow

What if you could boost your organization’s reputation, increase donations, and impact more people – all through digital transformation? Terazo’s best practices and proven tools can help make it all possible.

Use Cases

Not-For-Profit Clients

Transform Your Customer-Facing Contact Center in 10 Business Days

Helping an online university foster a sense of community through a proprietary communications platform

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